Doggie Daycare

Paw’s Inn Resort in Goochland offers Doggie Daycare on the resort grounds for our guests who want to stay “out of trouble” at home. Doggie daycare is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30am to 6:00pm every week, except holidays or when the lobby is closed. Once a guest is registered at the resort, they can also use the express, early bird drop off area for any dog daycare or dog grooming visit. Information about the early drop off can be obtained from reception.

During doggie daycare, guests will be outside most of the day (weather permitting) playing ball, swimming in the kiddie pools (in summer) digging holes and playing tag with friends. The doggie daycare areas have mulch and/or grass, decks and patios, beach umbrellas, tents, and trees for shade, along with dog houses and tiered decks for naps. Guests have the option of playing in small doggie daycare groups to join in the fun or just relaxing in the shade. Guests will also have the opportunity to get a snack and a chance to take a nap to get rested before they come home.

Doggie daycare is $20 whether they stay a little or all day.  We offer value packages that may be purchased in advance to lower the cost of the daycare rate. Please call the front desk for details.

Our guests can arrange to visit the spa during their stay at daycare, if reservations are made before their arrival, and can come home refreshed and clean from their day of play! If a guest decides they would like to stay the night, Paws Inn Resort offers dog boarding for that last minute sleep over. For our new guests who are looking at spending some time at our resort, we recommend a day or two of doggie daycare before they come for boarding. That way, they can make some new friends and become familiar with the resort before they come for their dog boarding reservation!

So remember, the next time you have to go away for just a few hours or have work done at home and Rover wants to come for his weekly card game with friends, think about bringing him to the doggie daycare at Paws Inn Resort in Goochland. We know they will love having fun at doggie daycare.