Dog Grooming

Our resort offers high-quality spa & salon services for our guests. Whether Rover needs to be done over, or just needs a quick trim or bath and nail treatment, our spa staff are happy to book your dog grooming appointment.

Massage shampoo with blow dry $28 and up
Manicure & pedicure $15 and up
Ear Cleaning $10 and up
Hair cuts (including bath) $35 and up

Let us know if you would like your dog grooming appointment to coincide with your dog boarding or doggie daycare visit.

Prices will vary according to the size of the guest, condition of coat, and other considerations.

Specialty shampoos, including hypo-allergenic, sensitive skin, oatmeal, flea dips, and de-shedding varieties, are available. When booking your dog grooming appointment, please let staff know if your pet requires a special shampoo.