Vaccination & Medication Information

We do request that all of our guests be current on their vaccinations. For canines, this includes Rabies, Distemper (DHLPP).  Bordetella/Kennel Cough is at the recommendation of your veterinarian and is not required for guests of the Inn.   For felines,  Rabies & Feline Distemper are required. Proof of vaccination may be given to the Front Desk in the form of a receipt from the veterinary office, which may either be presented upon check-in or faxed to the office.

If a guest requires regular medication, please be sure to present it, along with dosage instructions, to the front desk upon check in. If there are any questions as to a medical special need of a guest, please call Reception & speak to one of our staff members. Paw’s Inn is able to accommodate most special needs.

If one of our guests falls ill during their stay, the staff will contact their regular veterinary practice, if during office hours. If their usual veterinarian is not open, the nearest veterinary practice or the nearest open emergency center will be contacted. Any vet fees incurred will be addd to the total bill.